A Bootie Call

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A Bootie Call

Hello my lovelies, guess what time it is?? It´s bootie time YEAH!!!! 🙂 Yes, boot season is upon us! My favorite item for the autumn/winter season is definitely boots. Few things get me as excited this season as boots! I just cannot imagine the season without them. I love me some boots and I can never get enough of them. There are so many different kinds that every autumn/winter season I get so tempted to buy a few new pairs to spice up my wardrobe. I just love the vast variety they come in….tall, short, high, flat, ankle, knee, over-the-knees, biker, military, laced-up, furry, etc….you name it, i love them all.

So what do you think? How many boots does a lady really need? I´ve been going through my boot collection and I realised I have over 20 pairs of boots. Ok to be precise, 22 pairs of boots…..I know right! that´s crazy!! Who needs 22 pairs of boots. Gosh! the sad thing about it is I never get to wear all of them and so they mostly sit in the closet and gather dust over the seasons. What a waste of space and most of all money 🙁 I knew I had to change this bad habit, I need to get my act together and stop this act of collecting shoes especially ones I hardly wear or never wear at all 🙁 I know some of you are saying why does she need so many boots? Please don´t judge……we ladies all have a weakness for collecting be it shoes, bags, clothes, home dekor items or even kitchen utensils. 🙂 Yes, we all have our guilty pleasures. You’re either a bag lady or clothes lady or a shoe lady I think, and shoes and clothes are definitely my poison! 🙁




My favourite autumn/winter boots


I must say though, I have been working very hard on changing this habits and I am so much better at it now. Well, I guess the older one gets the wiser one should also get with the collecting. Earlier this year I did a HUGE clearance of my clothes and also got rid of some of my bags and my summer shoe collection was trimmed down.
This autumn season it´s time for some of the boots to go too 🙂 I wear mostly flat, comfy shows anyway and so why have numerous pairs of high heels. So I am so proud to say I was able to let go of most of my heels and I saved just my favourite 6 pairs. I see my shoes like my little babies. I won´t lie, it was very tough letting go but hey! I did it!!!! I know you ladies know this feeling of letting go of our shoes. 🙂


over the knees

I love over-the-knee boots


I actually did succeed to reduce my boot collection from 22 pairs down to 12 pairs. My goal is to also have a maximum of 6 favourite boots which I actually get to wear regurlarly through out the autumn/winter season. I made a promise to myself, NO MORE boots this year!!! I have to psych myself up to keep away from buying another pair. Lord of the boots, please help me resist any new temptation this season. Gosh! but why is it so hard to walk away from a great pair of shoes?? I need to learn to close my eyes and just resist…….Oh Lord help me!!!! I need deliverance from the Demon of Shoe Addiction 🙂 But hey! I am stronger than any temptation and so I can do this. I have this under control !! 🙂


knee high

For winter, I love them warm and comfy 🙂


So ladies, if you were allowed to have only 6 pairs of boots which ones will you go for? There are lots of choices out there, so it´s not easy. 🙂 Fact is we love fancy boots and myth is, cute boots are worth the pain but in reality nothing is worse than buying that new pair of boots you’ve been eyeing for months, only to have them hurt your feet like crazy. Personally, I will be going with practical and comfy boots this season. I don´t believe the myth cute shoes are worth the pain. I just won´t compromise being comfy with being stylish. Footwear can be comfortable and chic too.

I really admire the fashionistas who go by the myth, cute shoes are worth the pain. Kudos to the ladies, who literally live in their stilettoes. Girls, you look very sexy in them. 🙂 Please can you help a sister out and share your secret on how you keep your feet from hurting 🙂




Footwear can be comfortable and chic too. 🙂


I can´t see myself running errands for hours or going shopping for hours with high heels on. I wish I could but I´m just not that girl 🙂 My feet will hurt like crazy!!!
This season I will be rocking the flat and low heels boots with my all time favourite being the moon boots popularly known by the brand name Uggs. There is something about Uggs, you either love them or hate them. I guess most ladies love them because they are so comfortable and most men hate them because they think they are not sexy looking. My hubby thinks they should be called “Ugly” instead of “Uggs”. 🙂 He finds them very unattractive but I guess men just love to see us in sexy heels 🙂 I always tell my hubby, if men would exchange for a day and wear heels all day long, then they will finally get to understand why some of us won´t go along with the myth…..cute shoes are worth the pain!!! 🙂



So for you ladies who love being comfy, I hope you got some inspiration from my boot collection presented above. For my trendy fashionistas who love their heels check below for some of the hottest boot trends for autumn/winter 2015.



Hot boot trends straight from the cat walks for 2015


So what is it going to be for you this season? Picking a boot out of the wide variety out there can be quite a very challenging task I must say. But to narrow down the choices and make the task less complicated I do recommend limiting yourself mainly to the major trends and the basic must have boots for every woman’s wardrobe. While at it remember it makes much sense investing in good quality pairs because you really get your money’s worth when they last you more than just one season.
Please don´t compromise cuteness over comfy. What does it profit a lady to buy the cutiest looking boots but can´t walk in them cause they hurt like crazy!! 🙂 If you get the right pair of boots, it can make even the simplest outfit look awesome. So please choose wisely.




Hot boot trends for 2015



Go ahead and experiment and have fun at it but remember …..“its not so much about the shoes, but the person wearing them”

Stay cool as always until we meet again. Wish you all a very bootilicious autumn/winter 2015…… 🙂



from “Deutschland” with luv



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