“A Swan on Ice”…..

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“A Swan on Ice”…..

Hello my lovelies hope you all had a great week. I sure did and I am so looking forward to the festive period and holidays.

Recently I have been out in nature alot despite the cold cold weather outside. This year I challenged myself to be more open to the season. I’ve met a few people who classify themselves as “winter people” and I have never quite understood them until now. Honestly, I am not a “winter person” and the season finds me mostly indoors, layers upon layers of knits covering my body.  I normally love to go for long walks in nature and just take in the beauty all around especially in Spring and Summer. So I did challenge myself to keep on with my walks even in the bitterly cold, arid, and icy, winter.

As much as I tend to hate winter and its sun-deprived days and subzero nights, I had to remind myself that each season contains beauty — and something worth savouring. So I gave it a try and it wasn´t easy the first week but by the second week I started seeing the beauty of winter. I know it might not sound as fun but believe you me, there is so much beauty in the cold and wintry landscape of winter. The beauty of winter lies in it´s bleakness, peace and quiet. I go out now regularly for long walks every Monday and Wednesday mornings and it feels amazing doing this. I have discovered and fallen so in love with the silent beauty of cold winter mornings 🙂

But if I was to choose what I love best about winter, it will have to be the peace and quiet. Yes, winter is quiet. It’s a time when you can hear your thoughts, a time to let your mind wander, if you let it. Amazing how much life is still out there when all looks so dead 🙂 I’ve been practicing living in the moment, being calm, and being quiet. It’s difficult with so many noises and distractions that fill our lives. However, finding peace essential to remember. It’s key to living life.


My favourite bench at my favourite lake…..


The best part of my walk is when I get to my favourite lake and sit at my favourite bench and just get lost in my thoughts. I just sit and appreciate the silent beauty of winter. Brown and yellow leaves drop and float down to the ground, as gently as falling snow; never has death looked so beautiful.



My friend………



This Monday I had a magical moment with a dear dear friend which I met for the first time last summer. Our friendship has grown into true love and it´s one of the  highlights of my week when I get to see her. Recently, with the temperatures dropping to below 0°C, I have been so worried about my friend. Will she be alright out there??? Will I get to see her again??? Well, I almost had a breakdown when I arrived at our regular meeting point(my favourite Lake) this monday morning. I looked and no one was in sight 🙁 My heart starting beating so fast. No one in sight and the worst part of it all, the lake was frozen and so she could not be in the water. Hold and behold as I was about to walk away, I spotted something in the middle of the frozen lake. My heart sank. I feared for the worst!!!!!

Well, just take a look at the video below to see what happened next……




After this magical experience I just stood there in the cold being extremely grateful. The longer one stands out in the cold, the more one gets to appreciate the great strength of everything that survives the winter.



I hope this gave you some inspiration to get out of your own winter funk and out into nature and into a more silence-embracing mindset. Enjoy what winter offers — a slower pace that lets you delight in the beauty of nature in the off-season.



Wish you all a great winter season and an amazing festive period and holidays. I will be off for the holidays soon and look forward to seeing you all when we return in the new year 2017!!!!!!!!!!

Be good as always until we meet again.


from “Deutschland” with luv



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