“A Tropical Spring Break”……Thailand.

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“A Tropical Spring Break”……Thailand.

I’ve always wanted to travel to Thailand, partially because I’m originally from a tropical country and always wanted to see how different cultures can be in another country with similar natural resources.
It is a country of diversity; a place where east perfectly blends with West, from the sophisticated city of Bangkok, to the beautiful beaches on the mainland & islands and the tropical forests that make up the national parks.
Choosing our destination In Thailand was therefore not an easy thing, firstly as “virgin travellers to South East Asia” we wanted it all, like really all… 🙂 and secondly because we were travelling with a child and therefore had to consider what would be an interesting holiday for him without straying far from what we actually expect from the holiday as adults.


We aren’t your proverbial beach bums; we love to explore, go out into jungles, drive around if necessary into the country and basically immerse ourselves in as much culture as we can. Children on the other hand get quickly bored by such activities.
We eventually decided on Khao Lak City/town since it’s considered a relatively quiet calm area and in a beachfront hideaway – the Khao Lak Merlin resort right on the edge of the National Park.


This hotel was perfect for us. It is beautifully built & one feels like they’re in a big tropical garden in paradise. They have beautiful pool landscapes scattered around the property including semi-private pools for the pool access rooms. This means one never really feels crowded at any of the pools at the resort. Needless to say, as the resort is a beachfront one, You have the beach right in front of you, if ever you felt crowded at any of the pools.


Our Holiday was quite short in retrospect, but we managed to squeeze in a number of activities as well as enough time by the beach or pools for the little one to have his fun.
Our first trip outside the resort was to the little trading center right outside the hotel and later with a taxi out into Khao Lak city center. There isn’t much happening in the city center during the day, as the place is basically known for it’s quiet serene attraction. Most people travel out to the busier towns or for different activities and come back to the quiet calm town for their rest.


Our second trip was one to the Ton Chong fa Water falls. The waterfalls are situated within the forest nature reserve of Khao Lak Lamru National Park. These water falls consist of 7 different levels but one is advised to trek only up to the 5th level if trekking without a guide. Since we had a child with us, we decided we’d only try 5 levels.
We loved this, it had actually rained the night before, so the ground was a little moist, but that didn’t stop us or make our trek difficult. On the contrary, it made the temperatures bearable. By our 3rd day we’d developed a routine. Wake up, go for breakfast, have a swim in the pool and beach for about 2-3 hours. Get back to the room for a shower and head out into either the city or embark on some activity.


Our trip on this day saw us at the Tsunami Museum, then to the city center and finally to the Bang Niang Market. The market is quite big with both food and clothing. Here we strolled around the market in the heat, bought a few souvenirs and sat in two different restaurants before heading back to the hotel.

We usually headed back to the hotel in the evening, let the little man have another swim (to get him tired 😉 & happy of course) took a shower and headed to the hotel restaurant or one outside in the trading center.

We also had a chance to visit the Sairung Elephant Camp, where we had elephant rides in the forest and later got to feed the elephants. From there on, we drove further into the National park , checked out the monkey temple and headed to the Khao Sok river canoe for lunch before we got onto the bamboo rafts and rafted along the Khao Sok river in the warm sunny weather.


Bamboo rafting was an exciting experience, we sighted a monkey in the trees, while the hotel guests we’d made friends with sighted a few snakes the day before. We unfortunately didn’t see any.

We also had a coffee stop over. They had water boiling in a bamboo stem on a 3 stoned fire place. Coffee was later served in bamboo cups. It was quite surprisingly refreshing in this humid heat. It was tasty as well, who would have known? That Lucy the non-coffee lover would actually enjoy a Smokey tasty coffee in the middle of a forest on an extremely hot & humid day of about 40°celsius … 🙂


After our coffee break it was rafting right back to Kao Sok river canoe area and into the city to a typically Thai café . We had Thai Tea (tea with milk), and typical Thai snacks served in banana leaves. There was coconut rice with fruit toppings like jack fruit, mango & some other fruit I failed to name. We also had rice with caramel topping & coconut rasps plus rice with coconut sugar topping. The rice was actually sweet, so these were snacks for people with a sweet tooth. 😉 I didn’t try out the rice with sea food toppings, but I guess they were just as tasty.


The next day we were off for a day cruise on the June Bahtra. We were picked up from the hotel at 8 a.m. and driven to the Yacht Haven Marina pier where the boat moors.
During the cruise, we enjoyed views of the famous Phang Nga Bay. Half way through we were transferred onto a long-tail boat since we were getting into “shallow waters”, where we sailed by the famous James Bond Island, saw mangrove forests, and stopped by a floating village before heading back to the James Bond island for a proper stop over.


As we got hungry, we got onto the long-tail boat, headed over into the deeper waters where we got back on to the June Bahtra, had a delicious lunch buffet, let the food sink in, with a little drink from the happy hour, and later that afternoon before heading back a few “brave ones” had a swim in the ocean.
After the swim, we all pretty much just lounged on the boat, took in the scenes with a drink or snack, then headed back to the pier and later to the hotel. What an end to a brilliant day 🙂 That was pretty much the last big trip we took.


After the few trips, we decided to just chill out at the hotel & beach and try out this beach bum business, albeit in a beautiful luxurious hotel by the beach.

We had so much more to do in so little time, we actually wanted to visit a few more places, but the time was just not on our side. Bye-bye Thailand, we will be back soon for we need to explore all those other places & adventures you’ve got to offer.


Hope you all did have fun going along with us. Wish you all an amazing, colourful and adventurous spring season.


from “Deutschland” with luv



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  1. Beautiful sceneries made better by the beautiful people. seem like you had a fab time GBF

    • yes I did. Thanks 🙂

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