Autumn Colour Trend : Burgundy – Marsala

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Autumn Colour Trend : Burgundy – Marsala

It´s official my lovelies, the summer is over. Tuesday the 22nd September was the last day of summer. I really hate to see the summer end cause it is my favourite season of all. 🙁
Endless, sunny days, running around barefeet and free with almost no clothes on, beaches and outdoor barbeques….. 🙂
Gosh!! I am already missing it so badly 🙂 But yeah, I will stay optimistic and move into the new season with a positive mind.

Besides the cold weather which I hate!!!, there are plenty of fun things I love about autumn especially it´s fashion.

There are plenty of hot new trends to start getting excited about now. So it is once again time to enjoy changing our looks and trying a new approach for our wardrobe for the brisk days ahead.

I have been busy lately getting my wardrobe autumn ready. The good thing about autumn fashion is, it is transitional, meaning you can still wear some summer pieces through out the autumn season. This is good news because there is no need for a complete wardrobe overhaul for the new season.

So what are the hot trends this Autumn 2015? Well, to be honest I am not really a trend follower, I wear what I love and I don´t play by the fashion rules. But I do love getting inspiration from trends and then make it my very own 🙂 So what is my favouruíte trend for this autumn? Hhhhhmmmm, lots of trends, I must say, so it´s hard to pick a favourite 🙂



My go to colour for autumn / winter…….


But when it comes to the trend colours, I do have my favourites 🙂 For autumn, I always go for the deeper tones like dark red, burgundy, burnt orange and black and then combine them with my favourite neutral tones to give it a pop of colour. I am a colour girl, so even in the colder months I still do colourful 🙂




With every new year, comes new trend colours! This year 2015, the colour geniuses at Pantone have officially named the colour of the year, “Marsala” !
So when I read about this colour for 2015, I was really excited because it has always been my go to colour for autumn/winter season. Some people call it Aubergine, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Cranberry, Maroon, Ox-blood, or Wine. Come on, call it whatever you prefer 🙂
I love the Marsala colour tone and I think it is the perfect colour for the colder seasons. Yes!!! I think it´s about time that black takes a back seat for Autumn/Winter.



The colour Marsala draws its name and its shade from the Marsala wines of Italy


Marsala is a dusky, earthy deep red with undertones of brown and purple. It draws its name and its shade from the Marsala wines of Italy. Its deep, reddish tones are perfect for the upcoming autumn / winter season, when leaves the colour of Marsala begin to fall. 🙂

Marsala (or what I like to call burgundy) is a fresh colour for this season. It is subtle with a sense of excitement. It goes with just about every other colour like grey, camel, black, leopard print and even forest green and has a lot of attitude. I’m going to say it, “Burgungy is the NEW black”. 🙂


tone in tone

Sometimes I love to wear it comfy and tone in tone…..


Today I am going to share with you how I personally wear this sumptuous shade for Autumn and also give you some creative ways you can incorprate Burgundy into your wardrobe, beauty routine or even your house interior decor 🙂


burgundy leo

sometimes I go chic with heels and mix it up with my favourite leopard print.


You can wear burgundy on any piece of clothing. Whether you want to go bold with a full on burgundy look or if you want to do a print or pattern with subtle hints of the colour. There is no right or wrong way to way this trend colour.



burgundy sporty

I love to go casual when running my errands…..



Not the dressy type? If you’re too afraid to take the plunge into a head to toe Marsala look, try starting small and focusing on your accessories. You can incorporate Marsala into your wardrobe in the form of accessories such as scarves, beanie hats, belts, or jewellery.


burgundy accessories

Accessories are a great way to add this colour into your wardrobe


If you are not excited to wear this color in your clothing, then you can find this colour also works when it comes to makeup. Ready to work some Marsala into your beauty routine? The deliciously sultry hue, is an earthy mix of red and brown — a shade that will instantly make a flattering statement, no matter your skin tone.
Sophisticated and elegant, yet earthy and eatable. Imagine that for a lipstick shade.. love!!! 🙂



sophisticated and sexy…..what´s not to love 🙂


If you’ve always steered clear from a bold red lip, its time to pucker up and ease into the timeless trend by painting your pout in this richer marsala shade. This colour is very versatile and there are a lot of Marsala-looking lipstick shades out there. The key is get one with the correct undertone for your skin tone.


You can also try blushes or eyeshadows in this tone. This rich berry hue will combine perfectly with peach and metallic tones as a go-to shade for eyeshadow. It works great paired together with a gold eye shadow, or kick it up a notch for night with a dramatic black winged eyeliner look. Add some marsala nail polish to complete the look 🙂




Autumn Trend Colour : Burgundy


Whether a clutch, tote, or top handle bag you’re sure to stay on trend when carrying any burgundy bag.


handbag marsala

My favourite autumn carry-all bag. I like a compact small bag 🙂


Strut your stuff this season in the seductiveness of burgundy coloured shoes. You can go for a simple pair or add glam with metallic accents and bold details.


Autumn Trend Colour : Burgundy Shoes


Autumn Trend Colour : Burgundy Shoes


Home Decor

Theres No Place Like Home. You can decorate your space with this rich, warm and full-bodied red-brown shade. It brings colour warmth into home interiors. Marsala can cozy up your space by adding a pop of colour with accent pieces such as with pillows, throws, lamp shades and wall art.




Hey lovelies, so what colour trend will you be rocking this season?? I hope you got some inspiration on how to rock the burgundy/marsala trend.

Wish you all a great autumn season.  Be good and stay cool as always until we meet again.




from Deutschland with luv,



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