Beach, Please! My Hairstyle For Sand, Sun & Fun….

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Beach, Please! My Hairstyle For Sand, Sun & Fun….

Hello mi ladies,
are you all already looking forward to the summer season? When I think summer, I see beach holidays with lots of sunshine, sand and sea. I don’t ask for much on holiday…. 🙂 😜 …… a beach that looks like it came out of a Bounty advert, fruity cocktails on tap and of course, shiny hair that makes us look like we’ve come straight from the salon.

Going away on a beach holiday I always have one big problem…. My hair!!! (well in this case my hair extensions or better yet my wig….depending on my mood. Yeah, technically speaking it´s still my hair, cause I bought it 🙂😃

When on a beach holiday, no one really has time to go to the hair salon for shiny hair, besides it doesn´t make sense since you will be getting it wet practically every other day. So for me it has to be hair I can just wake up in, shake and go. Also it has to be low maintenance and sea-water friendly. The sea water doesn´t play when it comes to hair especially hair extensions. It can be very damaging. Salt and sun will cause your hair strands the most stress during a beach holiday, so protection is key.
So my favourite Beach Hair style which is also salt-water approved is hands down BRAIDS!!!
Braids are quite low maintainance and a great protective style from the summer humidity.




I must say though, the only downside to getting braids for me is the time aspect. It takes hours to get them done and to get them off too. Also if you live in a country or city where there are no reliable black hair salons or hairdressers then it´s a big problem. It is always a nightmare for me to find a good and professional hair braider in my region. I once had to even travel to another country just to get my hair braided….crazy right?? Yes, not every european country is that black hair friendly unfortunately.

Here in Germany, we are lacking enormously in the black beauty and Hair department. So thank God for innovative minds, who always come up with genius ideas for such dilemma. One day I was scrolling through instagram and I came across this new rave called “Braided Wigs” yes!!!!!



Mind you, braided wigs have been around for years already but recently it has been upgraded to another level. Before they looked like something most grannies will wear and so I never bothered trying it out. But let me tell you, the game has been CHANGED!!! Now you have braided wigs that will leave you in awe!!!! They look so natural you will never know it´s a wig if you are not told so.
So this is like killing two birds with one stone. You have braids that don´t take hours to make and also you don´t have the nightmare of finding a good hairbraider. In the long run it is also a less expensive investment because you pay once and have braids you can wear over and over for years. It´s just amazing and perfect for someone like me living in a country with little or no professional afro hair braiders.



I must say though, I am sold on these and I might be taking the plunge to find out for myself if they are worth their hype on instagram. Most of these wigs are made as custom units by hair braiders in africa and then shipped to europe and the rest of the world. I will keep you all posted if I get to rock one of these on my next beach holiday…..



So I was wondering have any of you ladies ever used one of these braided wigs and do they really look that flawless in real life too? Share your experiences please.

Wish you all a lovely weekend. Stay cool as always until we meet again.


from “Deutschland” with luv

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