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Embracing Autumn / Fall……

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Embracing Autumn / Fall……

Hooray! Pumpkins! It’s fall time and that means all things pumpkin. It´s time to embrace the vibrant colours that come with the new season. Be it warm, hot or cold, we shall embrace it with joy. 🙂

We love the browns that come with it, the bright orange that makes us smile and the mustard colours of the pumpkin soup……hhhhhhmmmmm lecker!!! (delicious!!!). 🙂 Not forgetting the greens that complete this rich coloured picture.

When autumn is warm and sunny, we’re reminded of the summer nights we’ll miss. When it’s cold and rainy we get to wear our wellies and raincoats, practicing our layering as we’re reminded of the winter that’s yet to come…

How do you all embrace the autumn? Do you embrace it through fashion, basically warm autumn coloured outfits?





OR Do you decorate your homes with autumn colours?

I always admire homes with beautifully made entries …..complete with pumpkins, hay and an autumn wreath. I may not always go out and do it all but with the little I do, it always reminds me to focus more on the beauty of the new season than on the fact that the warm weather is gone and the cold is creeping in to stay .





Another way to embrace autumn is by checking out the different harvest markets/ festivals around. There are so many to choose from during this season.


We did visit one of my favourites called Hitscherhof fest. Hitscherhof is a Farm in the Heart of the Pfaelzer Wald. It´s a 40-minute drive from Kaiserslautern, and quite scenic. There are bright green rolling hills decorated with brown, orange and red trees, their leaves swirling in the wind. The scenery looks like a goddamn commercial advertising AUTUMN. 🙂




When we arrived, I was in heaven. If you love pumpkins like I do, you can buy some great stuff out there at Hitscherhof Farm. Some perfectly sized pumpkins, a handful of gourds for decoration, pumpkin bratwursts (pumpkin sausages), delicious pumpkin soup and even a bottle of pumpkin champagne. If that’s not a pumpkin patch success, I don’t know what is!
They also have a crafts section where the locals sell their pottery & metal works.




It was quite a fun day and my little man had lots of fun amongst the pumpkins. If you are in the region during autumn, and want something fun to do, then I highly recommend going out there. There is something for everyone and especially for the kids.


Hope you all did have fun going along with me. I wish you all an amazing, colourful and adventurous autumn season.


from “Deutschland” with luv



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Summer at the Aegean Coast.

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Summer at the Aegean Coast.

Hello my lovelies. Hope you all had a great summer vacation. I sure did 🙂 Just got back in from a two weeks vacation at the Aegean Coast in the south of Turkey.
It does feel good though to be back in good old “Deutschland” and being welcomed with amazing summer weather. Yes, the german summer was really late this year so I had to escape and go sun-chasing 🙂

Can´t believe though summer is almost gone 🙁 Time does fly especially when having a good time. 🙂
I love summer time, I love sunshine but most especially I love the fact I can go to the beach. I’m a beach lover. The sun and I get along quite well, and there’s nothing I’d rather do than live on a tropical island someday. I was born and raised in a coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean and I practically lived at the beach.
Yes, I am that beach crazy and the ocean and I are very much one. I always say, I was a mermaid in my previous life 🙂

Before moving to europe (Germany), the weather was actually never a preoccupation of mine. But living in Germany with it´s very unpredictable weather which is mostly grey and cold, I spend alot of time studying the weather forecast. I´m always looking forward to the next sunny or just an average warm day.



Enjoying my view at the Marina Beach @ The Letoonia Club & Hotel in Fethiye.


Well, that brings us to why I love (escaping) travelling especially during the cold months. The german winter can be unbearable and it drags on forever!!! We go almost 9 months of the year with cold and grey weather and this can make even a saint go insane. So to save myself from going into a winter depression, I always escape for a while to somewhere warm with lots of sunshine.
So this makes me always look forward to the summer months here in Germany. Germany feels like a whole different place during the summer. Everything comes alive, the people are all smiles. I appreciate even more the beauty of my surroundings.
I wish summer could last for at least 5 months of the year….that will be just PERFECT!!! Well, I guess I just have to keep wishing because I don´t see it happening anytime soon except someone waves a magic wand and make my wish come true 🙂 But until that day, I guess I will just have to keep escaping every chance I get to somewhere much warmer.

The summer temperatures this year came in pretty late. The months of June, July and also the first week of August was a complete disaster!!!! We had temperatues just like in winter. Gosh!!! it was school holidays and yet no summer in sight and so I had to do what I do best…..ESCAPE!!!! So I packed the bags and off we went chasing the sun to the south of Turkey at the beautiful Turquoise Aegean Coast.




We spent two weeks at the Letoonia Club & Hotel in the city of Fethiye. This massive resort is located on a completely private and stunning peninsula, with beautiful coastline and exclusive private beaches surrounded by green pine trees. I feel in love immediately with the resort……my kind of place 🙂



We got a rented car and went on a 6 days discovery tour. It was so much fun exploring the region and experiencing it´s rich culture.  Also relaxing at some of the marvellous beaches, where the waters are invitingly deep, blue and clear.

We spent a lazy day at the beach at Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon). The Blue Lagoon is one of the Turquoise Coast’s marvellous beaches, where the waters are invitingly deep, blue and clear. This is probably the most picturesque beach in the world. Although it’s one of the country’s most popular beach spots (not to mention one of the most photographed Mediterranean beaches in the whole world), it’s retained its charm (and most importantly, its white sands) and is still one of the loveliest places to be on the coastline.


blue lagoon

At the famous Blue Lagoon in Olüdeniz


Visited the haunting ruins at Kayakoy. The eerie ruins of this ghost village which was once a bustling town are nestled against the Taurus Mountains, close to the world-famous beaches and yacht-filled harbor at Olu Deniz. Although the stone buildings are roofless and weathered and the narrow streets worn with age, this is not an ancient city, but a modern ruin deserted for political reasons in the 1920s.It was abandoned in a population exchange with Greece.



The Ghost Town of Kayakoy


If you’re in Fethiye then don’t miss out on a visit to Paspatur, the old town of Fethiye. Buy souvenirs & have a drink at one of the bars.



The old town centre of Fethiye


Went on a day trip to the ancient city of Tlos. This is one of the largest and oldest settlements of ancient Lycia. this striking citadel is thought to be more than 4000 years old. As well as being inhabited by the citizens of Lycia, Tlos was settled by Romans, Byzantines and eventually, the Ottoman Turks. It is one of the few Lycian cities that has been continually inhabited until modern times.



The burial ground of the ancient city of Tlos


Went on a trekking trip in the Saklikent Canyon. The canyon is 300 m (980 ft) deep and 18 km (11 mi) long, being one of the deepest in the world. Visitors can enter the canyon only in the summer. Only 4 km (2.5 mi) of the canyon are walkable. Saklikent means ‘hidden city’. It feels like you are in a movie about Indiana Jones. Trekking in the canyon, overcoming the stream is something what adventurers are looking for.



Trekking in the Saklikent Canyon


We had an amazing two weeks out there and there was still so much more to explore. Check out the video below to see some of the highlights of our holidays.

If you are on the look out for a great summer destination with lots of culture, marvellous beaches with turquoise blue water, then definitely check out the Aegean Coast.

I hope you did enjoy coming along with me on my summer holidays. I wish you all a great weekend. Enjoy the last sunny days!!!! Be good as always until we meet again 🙂



from “Deutschland” with luv


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