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Realize Your Dream in 2018

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Realize Your Dream in 2018

With the new year freshly taking off, it is that time once again when most people reflect on their lives and start thinking of their new year resolutions. Personally I am not into making New Year Resolutions because I never tend to keep them but I do something similar which works way much better for me.
I have been using it for some years now to realize my dreams and it works amazingly well for me. I am a very visual person since from my childhood days…due to my fantasy mind, working with visualising projects comes quite easy to me. So if you want to try something different this year than the classic New Year Resolutions, then why not give this a try.

I am talking about a “Dream Board” also known as a “Vision Board.” I guess some of you might already be working on one, or maybe have one already going on, or have heard about it and still haven´t decided on trying it out. Or maybe you are one of those who have never heard about it. Then let me tell you what this is about.

“A Dream Board” or “Vision Board” is where you start to make all your dreams come true 🙂 . Visualization is a powerful mind exercise that can help you plan and achieve goals. A vision board, as a tangible representation of what you want to achieve in your life, plays a vital role in this effort. Goal setting is great, but vision boards are better. Learn to set goals that you will keep by using a vision board.



I started using Vision Boards way before I even knew what they were actually called. I recently stumbled upon a childhood “Dream Board” I wrote back in 1991. This brought back great memories of my secondary school days. Yes, my friends nicknamed me Donna “Hightower” after the character “Hightower”, in the movie Police Academy 🙂
I am truly amazed at how much of this Dream I visualized 26 years ago is so much a reality today in 2018. Yes my lovelies, Dreams do become Reality. I have seen so many of mine become reality through the power of visualising.



The purpose of a dream board is to give you a visual of your goals, dreams, and aspirations. It helps you to stay focused on what you want out of life and help you remember why you often work so very hard and sacrifice so much to attain your goals. Creating a dream board or vision board is very similar to writing out your goals in life, except a vision invokes more emotion than simply writing out your goals. Here the power of visualising comes into play. Here you can be as creative as you dare. You can let all those fantasies in your mind run wild.

Creating a dream board seems like a very simple and meaningless tasks, however, the time and energy you put into it is well worth it at the end. The first thing you should keep in mind before beginning is that there is no right or wrong way, each board is unique just like the individual creating it. I see a dream board like a kick starter for helping one direct their focus and attention on their passion and purpose in life. It helps you rethink what you truly want from life. Having a clear Goal, knowing what you want, being very specific with your desires.

Creating your vision board is like directing a film, with you as the Director. You know the story that needs to be told and you have the strategic knowledge to build the film scene by scene to make a powerful movie. As the director you already know what the movie will look like in advance, you know the emotions and feelings it will evoke. Your job is to create such a superb vision that it creates the reality.



This year, I have decided to go all out and dare to dream even BIGGER!!!! So I am presently updating my board that will carry my biggest dreams and where i want my life to be in 4 years from now. After my board is completed, I will hang it up at an acessible corner, so I can look at it every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep. It is very important you get to look at your board as frequently as possible because this helps you stay focused on your goals.



If you are doing this for the first time, you would first want to take the time to find out your God-given passions and your life purpose(s). Then go ahead and create your board reflecting these passions and purposes, make a plan and set a date you wish to achieve these goals. Be determine in your heart and take those baby steps towards achieving these goals. Remember our purposes and passions often grow with time so update your dream board as needed. If you need a step by step instruction on how to create a board please click here.



So what´s your board going to be about? What do you want to achieve so badly? Be a Billionaire like in Bruno Mars song ? 🙂 , A CEO of your own company? The Next Top Model?, The world’s greatest Philanthropist?, Do you just want to be the best mom ever to your kids? or maybe your dream is just to make a positive difference in this world in your own special way. Whatever it may be I challenge you to dream a great and big dream and then go out into this world and live it… The choice is all yours. 🙂 🙂

I wish you all lots of fun with your various projects and may all your dreams do come true!!!!!!
Stay cool as always until we meet again and don´t forget to stay focused on those dreams.

Always remember: “Thoughts Become Things……Choose The Great Ones!!!!!!!” (Mike Dooley)

from “Deutschland” with luv


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Santa (Father Christmas) in Africa…

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Santa (Father Christmas) in Africa…

It´s 10 days to Christmas, and time for Santa to start showing up. Santa Clause has been spotted in Lapland with his little helpers(the elves) working so hard to get all the gifts wrapped up on time and also getting the reindeer and his sleigh all set up for the big night, come 24th December.

For most people in Europe and North America, Christmas means snowy nights, tinsel, carols and stolen kisses under the mistletoe and most especially Santa sliding down chimneys on Christmas Eve to deliver presents.
But what about Christmas in Africa? We all know Santa won´t be needing any reindeer nor a sleigh.

Have you ever wondered how Santa (popularly known as Father Christmas in africa) gets ready for the big day? Well, well he has been spotted in a number of places and forms throughout the mother continent.






In Africa we do it a little differently…Our Santas( Father Christmas) tend to come in all shapes, sizes and forms! I have a few photos of these sightings for you.






So what about you all my lovelies? Would you rather be soaking up some sun, or enjoying a white Christmas? Ho ho ho…. wish you all a lovely countdown wherever you are this christmas season.



from “Deutschland” with luv



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