Embracing Autumn / Fall……

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Embracing Autumn / Fall……

Hooray! Pumpkins! It’s fall time and that means all things pumpkin. It´s time to embrace the vibrant colours that come with the new season. Be it warm, hot or cold, we shall embrace it with joy. 🙂

We love the browns that come with it, the bright orange that makes us smile and the mustard colours of the pumpkin soup……hhhhhhmmmmm lecker!!! (delicious!!!). 🙂 Not forgetting the greens that complete this rich coloured picture.

When autumn is warm and sunny, we’re reminded of the summer nights we’ll miss. When it’s cold and rainy we get to wear our wellies and raincoats, practicing our layering as we’re reminded of the winter that’s yet to come…

How do you all embrace the autumn? Do you embrace it through fashion, basically warm autumn coloured outfits?





OR Do you decorate your homes with autumn colours?

I always admire homes with beautifully made entries …..complete with pumpkins, hay and an autumn wreath. I may not always go out and do it all but with the little I do, it always reminds me to focus more on the beauty of the new season than on the fact that the warm weather is gone and the cold is creeping in to stay .





Another way to embrace autumn is by checking out the different harvest markets/ festivals around. There are so many to choose from during this season.


We did visit one of my favourites called Hitscherhof fest. Hitscherhof is a Farm in the Heart of the Pfaelzer Wald. It´s a 40-minute drive from Kaiserslautern, and quite scenic. There are bright green rolling hills decorated with brown, orange and red trees, their leaves swirling in the wind. The scenery looks like a goddamn commercial advertising AUTUMN. 🙂




When we arrived, I was in heaven. If you love pumpkins like I do, you can buy some great stuff out there at Hitscherhof Farm. Some perfectly sized pumpkins, a handful of gourds for decoration, pumpkin bratwursts (pumpkin sausages), delicious pumpkin soup and even a bottle of pumpkin champagne. If that’s not a pumpkin patch success, I don’t know what is!
They also have a crafts section where the locals sell their pottery & metal works.




It was quite a fun day and my little man had lots of fun amongst the pumpkins. If you are in the region during autumn, and want something fun to do, then I highly recommend going out there. There is something for everyone and especially for the kids.


Hope you all did have fun going along with me. I wish you all an amazing, colourful and adventurous autumn season.


from “Deutschland” with luv



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