Festive Red Lips….

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Festive Red Lips….

When it comes to makeup i love the nude, natural, barely-there looks. For daily wear i use a light coverage of my mineral foundation and some lip gloss and i am good to go.

For the festive days it is lots of fun though to go the extra mile and get all dolled up for the celebrations. Are you going for that glam and diva look this season?, then my advice is to look no further than a classic, old friend: Red Lipstick.

Yes i know we all have heard the myth about red lipstick not looking good on women with darker complexions. Really?? How true is that?? Think you can’t pull it off? Not so fast. I just recently began to venture into the red tones myself and i must say, i can wear any colour and so can YOU. The trick lies in the method of application or the technique we use.

Red Lipsticks are universal, classic and sensual. Red Lips never go out of style. It is elegant and versatile and everyone can wear it with confidence. You just have to keep some basic rules in mind.

Everyone can rock red lips!!!



Rule number 1 :

Know your skin tone. Unsure of your skin tone? Well you are not alone. There is alot of theory on finding your skin tone but to be honest it is quite confusing because everyone has something else to say. I personally just look for celebrities or you tube tutorials with ladies of a similar complexion like myself and then i try out what they wear and this works out pretty good for me. There’s a shade of red for *everyone,* it’s just a matter of finding it.
I look better in a darker, richer blue-toned red, while someone else may look better in a vibrant, orange toned red. If you think you look hot wearing it, then wear it with pride!
Worse case scenario, you put it on and it’s not working out, it’s still just lipstick and you can wipe it off. If you don´t feel like finding this out all by yourself, then go to a makeup counter like at Mac Cosmetic and have them show you some possible matches for your skin tone.


Perfect Pairs…Rihanna in Ruby Woo, Melissa in Russian Red http://bit.ly/hmN4wv


One of the recommendations from you tube that practically works with every skin tone is from Mac Cosmetics. The Mac Ruby Woo or Mac Russian Red lipsticks. Both red lipsticks are pretty much neutral and both have a matte finish. They are more on the pricey side i must say. If you are like me who wears red lips maybe once or twice in a year, then you wouldn`t want to give out that much for a lipstick you will hardly wear anyway.
A very good and less pricey alternative and my only red lipstick is from Maybelline(MAYBELLINE ColorSensational #965 RED HAUTE). There are definately more alternatives out there just do some research or check out you tube reviews.

Once you’ve found the perfect shade, rocking the red is inevitable, as long as you follow a few key rules for application.


My only red …..”MAYBELLINE ColorSensational #965 RED HAUTE”


Rule number 2:

Application or technique makes all the difference.The key here is to exfoliate your lips prior to applying. (click here for tips on exfoliating). Your best friend when it comes to application is a lip liner(pencil). Depending on what time of the day it is, use either a nude or colour matching lipliner. For daytime, use a liner that matches your natural lip colour. For darker complexions this will mostly be brown tone lip liners. Brown lip liner creates a smoother transition from your skin tone to the color upon your lips It also gives you a softer look. For the night, line your lips with a colour matching lip liner (red) for a stronger, more defined look.

Lip liners are your best friend

Rule number 3:

Keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum. You don´t want to overdo it and end up looking like a clown 🙂
Go for nude or neutral shades especially for the eyes.  At night, you can play around more but always keep it simple. The focus should be the red lips.


The focus should be the red lips.


Makeup is one of the fun things about being a girl. Remember these rules are just guidelines and not set in stone. Of course makeup ‘rules’ are meant to be broken so feel free to experiment. Don’t get bogged down by rules or what others think because they may not be thinking in your best interest. If the shade of red looks good on you, wear it! Let´s not take it too serious :-). It is just makeup !!! Have fun!!!

I wish you all a lovely week and lots of fun with the pre-christmas preparations. Stay cool as always until we meet again and Be Good until Santa arrives!!!


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