Go “Afro Chic” for Summer 2015

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Go “Afro Chic” for Summer 2015

Hello my lovelies, how have you all been the last days?  I have been doing pretty ok my side and yes!!! the sun is finally here. I guess she finally woke up from her winter sleep. Let the summer begin 🙂

So finally summer is almost in full swing out here and I am loving it very much. My favourite time of the year actually, cause there is nothing like sunshine after long months of gloomy, cold weather. Don´t you all just agree. Ok, I know for those of you lucky ones who live where it is summer all year round you won´t get my excitement 🙂 I was once that lucky too 🙂 grewing up in a country with endless summer days. Admittedly, I took that for granted until I had to live here in Germany where we get a few months (with some luck) of sunshine each year. So I quickly learnt to appreciate the trepidation, the anticipation, and the pure jubilation that accompany each day of sunshine we get here out here in good old Deutschland. 🙂

Summer is my all time favourite season……Why? Because….Summer time always activates my holiday mood. It’s a great feeling, waking up and realising that the sun is already up, even though it’s six in the morning. And when the sun’s out, I feel energised, and I can’t wait to head outside and enjoy the sunny, beautiful weather 🙂

Summer is time for holidays, abroad or at home. It’s time to explore, to experience and to live. It’s time to rent a villa on the beach, a city apartment, or a hotel room with a sea, lake or mountain view. It’s time to go hiking, fishing, camping, or to cook a BBQ, sit by a campfire, collect seashells, go on a boat ride, or just lie on the beach. It’s also time to lounge in a hammock, on a deck chair, on the grass, on a balcony, or on a porch. Because in the summer having a lazy day and doing absolutely nothing is more than okay. 🙂
Blue skies and rising temperatures mean that I can finally take all my colourful sundresses out, my flip-flops and sandals, my new sunglasses and my favourite straw hat too. I love this !!!




When it comes to fashion, there is nothing as bold, colourful and vibrant as Summer Fashion Trends. This year like the years before, I scan the blogosphere looking for inspiration on what I need to have on my summer must have list. This year I have been drawn to the very bold and vibrant ethnic and african inspired trends. This summer it´s all about africa – The Motherland – for me. Yes!! It´s Africa on my mind!! The hot sunshine, the brilliant colours and above all the exotic smells of the tropics are my inspiration for this summer. Today I am going to share my top 5 summer must haves but with an african twist. So if you love it vibrant, loud, and beautiful then you are my kind of girl you will surely get an inpiration from my list.

Tip : When wearing african inspired prints you want to keep the rest of your outfit toned down in neutral colours. Also you can wear african inspired accessories to give a pop of colour to a neutral outfit. But try not to go from head to toe in african prints or accessories, it will be too busy and you might end up looking like a lighted christmas tree. You surely don´t want to go for that look, right? 🙂


Maxi dress:




The maxi dress is always top on my list for summer. It is a must-have essential for this summer and for warm holidays. They are so comfortable and breezy and an overall win.
Are you ready for a sweeping entrance? This is the dress. You can wear it anywhere, in the day and also at night. This flirty, flowy dress will help you stay cool, comfortable and fabulous in the warm months ahead.
Perfect for the lazy days of summer, you can dress them up with espadrille wedges for a summer BBQ or go casual poolside with flip-flops and a bathing suit.

Recently a very famous maxi prom dress almost “break the internet”. Yes, you must have heard about it too. I couldn´t help mentioning it here today because it is the perfect maxi dress with an african twist. 🙂


(Prom sensation: Kyemah McEntyre hit back at bullies by designing this dress

(Prom sensation: Kyemah McEntyre hit back at bullies by designing this dress


The talented 18 year old, Kyemah McEntyre, sketched and designed this empire-waist maxi dress as a homage to dashikis, the West African garment that first made its appearance in America during the 1960s. Click here to read more about the beautiful young designer and the inspiring story behind her dress.

Ok, I know I mostly look out for the ladies when it comes to fashion but today, I got something for the guys too 🙂 Being I love the dashiki print so much, I could not resist throwing in something for the guys when I came across one of my brothers rocking this trend. So for this summer you cannot go wrong with the dashiki. Guys, get some inspiration below on how to be very “Afro chic” this summer 🙂 .  A big thanks to my fashion-conscious brother Patrick Gassah for the inspiration.



even the guys can be so “Afro Chic” : ….Patrick rocking the dashiki trend for summer 2015


70s Style, Flared Skirts:

It´s summer of the 70s. The 70s style is hot this summer so you can´t go wrong investing in a flared skirt (floor grazing or cropped way above the ankle), and you might want to consider a long tube skirt as well.





If you are like me then you will forget about your dresses this summer and get glam in a different silhouette — the jumpsuit! Yes, I love me a jumpsuit!!! If I could, I will give up all my other clothing and just wear jumpsuits all year round. 🙂


This trend is certainly here to stay — and if you don’t believe me, all you have to do is check out the fashion magazines, the celebrities and the red carpets ! 🙂

Regardless of your age or shape, you can easily find the right fit for you. It is a fine piece that makes your life simple and gives you tons of personality. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping and jump into the trend. 🙂

Clutch bags:

Clutch purses are just so darn chic! If you have a purse obsession you might agree with me on how gorgeous these are.




Clutch handbags come in all kinds of styles – so there’s something for every woman’s personal taste. The perfect companion for all you trendy fashionistas. Examples are the classy clutch envelope (my fave) and sexy croc patent textured clutch. And also those satin and crystal beaded evening bags for special occasions.



afrochic jew


70s and the boho vibe is a huge trend for not just clothing but jewellery too this Summer. So don´t hold back, you can go as bold and vibrant as you dare 🙂 Time to take out those statement pieces. Bangles, necklaces, rings etc.




Head Scarves:

A head scarf doesn´t only look stylish but can be a life saver for those “bad hair days” 🙂 This is a trend that is here to stay and the good news is everyone can rock it.




Hey, so what trends will you be rocking this summer? For me it is definitely African inspired accessories. I hope the Afro Chic look will be on your mind when you decide 🙂 .

Wish you all a lovely weekend and a colourful and afro-licious summer. Stay cool as always until we meet again.


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from Deutschland with luv,



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