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"Two cultures reunited by the power of Love"

Afro meets Euro`s – “Meet and Chat Communities” on facebook.
There are two communities where you can interact with us on facebook. The “Closed Community” for invited readers and friends and the “Open Community” for all fans.

The “Open Community” is our fanpage and here every fan is free to interact with us and other fans. You donĀ“t need a membership or an invite. All you have to do is “Like” our facebook fanpage.

The “Closed Community” is a ladies only “Meet & Chat corner”. This community is for selected readers and friends to get close and personal with us. Here we also post updates of our blog, poll the group, chat with everyone at once, answer questions and also ask questions. We discuss about topics we are passionate about like arts, culture, beauty, fashion and everything in between and lots more:-) We cover topics on the latest trends in fashion, lots of tips on hair and makeup, creative ideas on Home Decors and African Cuisine, and also talks on living the Afro-Euro lifestyle. Community members will get notified about new posts on our blog so you never miss an update and also you shall be informed about future group events we plan to organize. This community is private and you have access only through an invitation.
Please if you receive an invite and you are not interested in joining our community, just send us a quick mail and you will be taken off the list. You have to be on facebook to be able to join both our communities. If you are interested in joining our community send us a request at

Click here to find us on our facebook fanpage and “Like” us to interact. Hope to see you there :-).


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