Missing the Sun….

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Missing the Sun….


ello my lovelies, hope you are all doing great. It´s been a slow start of blogging for me this new year, I know 😐. Well, with the dreadful weather outside let´s just say I have been hibernating. 😜😁

It’s mid January, Christmas is long gone and it is freezing (deadly) cold outside. What I would really love to do is pull a blanket over my head for the rest of the winter and wake up only when spring season is upon us again.
Yep! I guess that must be the winter blues getting to me once again just like every year around this time. I am not a winter person and even after 16 years of experiencing this season, there is no getting used to it. I do actually love winter but only during the festive period (Christmas season). There is this magical feeling all around and so I hardly notice the cold.
Then comes January and the magical atmosphere of Christmas wears out. It´s dreadfully cold outside, the days are grey, the streets muddy from melting snow and the mood turns gloomy and gets really low. Surely you know it too: The “winter blues”.
In January I get hit the hardest and this feeling lingers all through February until March. It only gets better again when spring finally shows it´s full face…..with the first warm rays of sunshine.



Living for 16 years in Europe one will assume I am used to the cold by now. No!!! I just can´t with this cold…..😪😬😱😨
Gosh!!! I can´t with this cold and wet weather. I will never get use to it and it can get really depressing…… :'( 🙁 😱


This is the reason I love love travelling. Always trying to escape every chance I get to somewhere where the sun always shines and there is a great beach. 🌞🌞Please don´t judge, I wasn´t made for cold weather. 😜😁





I am a Sungoddess and not a Snow-queen














So what about you my lovelies? What do you prefer, Cold or Sunny weather?  If you had just one choice to pick a country to live in forever, which one will it be? I am still trying to pick this dream country. Please help a sister out with suggestions 😜🌞. Wish you all a lovely week. Stay cool as always until we meet again.

from “Deutschland” with luv

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