“Nude” for All.

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“Nude” for All.

What kind of colour is “nude” actually? Skin coloured? Then you must ask yourself what “nude” is represented in the fashion and beauty industry. As a colour, “nude” is often loaded with prejudice. In theory, it matches the wearer’s skin colour, which makes it easy to pair with just about anything. But in practice, it commonly describes variations of beige with pinkish undertones, which is only “nude” for a certain sliver of the world’s population. When you look at “nude” in the beauty and fashion world, it’s mostly salmon or pink or beige but it’s never really brown or dark brown.

It is so frustrating and challenging as a dark skin lady to walk into your favourite fashion or beauty shop and find the perfect “nude” colour- be it in makeup products like lipsticks or fashion items like shoes or lingerie.

Living in Germany, one of my biggest nightmare is finding beauty products or fashion items tailored for darker skin tones. Almost all the beauty brands just ignore the fact there are women of darker shades out here. If you are lucky to finally find something in your shade it is mostly so much more expensive than the regular lighter shades. WHY!!!!!!!! ???  🙁





I personally have no choice but to buy such products online, mostly from the USA and at the end of it all you end up paying twice as much because there are shipping costs, import taxes and custom duties to pay when your order arrives from outside the EU (European Union). What a nightmare!!!! I wonder why the beauty and fashion world in 2016 is still so limiting to us dark skin beauties. I would really love to ask the major beauty brands represented here in Germany, why????? they don´t cater for darker skin tones. I would really love to know why????

Personally, the internet is my best friend when it comes to shopping for such products. I do lots of searching and reading on  blogs and also watch youtube videos to find ladies with a similar skin tone who have already bought and used these products. It is very important to have these reviews since I cannot physically try the products myself before buying. I wouldn´t want to go through the trouble of importing a product all the way from the USA and then ending up with a nasty surprise.
So if you are like me and you have to buy such products online, then I will recommend you read and watch lots of reviews on said product before you make a purchase. There are many great beauty and fashion bloggers out there and many Youtube beauty vloggers with amazing reviews for us ladies with darker skin tones.




Recently I have been in search of a “nude” bra and like always did not find any in the shops and so had to go online. I came across this amazing brand called “Naja” and I really love their company concept. Naja lingerie company has created a collection called “Nude for all”.
Naja’s most recent collection sells intimates from ivory with pink undertones, to dark beige with red hues, to a deep espresso colour, and the company have said there are more shades are to be manufactured. Finally someone gets it!!!! They do understand the frustration in finding the perfect “Nude”. Their concept reads……..

“Nude For All…..
Why try to fit into someone else’s skin when you can shine in your own? We started Nude For All because we believed it was time to change the idea that there is only one nude”.



Nubian Skin


Also, I was successful in finding a european base company with a similar concept which I also truly love 🙂 . The lack of nude-coloured options in the lingerie market also inspired London-based label “Nubian Skin” to create a range of underwear for darker skin tones. The pieces range in a series of nudes and browns and works to bring out the beauty in brown skin. So if you’ve struggled in the past to find underclothing that matches your skin tone, this might be the collection for you.




I must say though there are several fashion and beauty brands out there who have extended their range of “Nude” to also cover brown and dark brown skin tones. Many make-up and lingerie labels have already extended their nude offering to have wider options.
An increasing number of foundations, concealers and lipsticks have also been made into a wide range of shades. But unfortunately these brands do offer these ranges mostly in the USA and very few ranges are represented out here in Europe.

Another good example of a brand with an extended range of “Nudes” is the luxury french label Christian Louboutin. Louboutin seems to be the first major luxe label to take the matter seriously by extending its accessory offerings and realising that women come in all colours and many have the budget to spend on designer shoes and clothes.



“Nude shoes go with everything and allow you to wear any handbag or accessory you want,” says Christian.


Fashion wisdom has long maintained that every woman needs a good nude shoe in her closet. After all, nothing else makes your legs look as long. But, where fashion has failed so many women is in providing so-called “nude” shoes in colours other than beige.
Luckily, Christian Louboutin has made some major strides in filling this gap. He offers a range of nude designs including his signature red bottom heels and also recently added a new flat style ballerina (dubbed the Solasofia) to his nude collection.



Louboutin “Nude Collection” ballerina (dubbed the Solasofia)….


No matter what shade your skin is in, you will surely find the perfect nude in this collection which ranges from “fair blush” to “rich chestnut. What an amazing collection for luxe fans. I really love this collection if not for the price tag 🙁 Hopefully more affordable mainstream brands will follow suit 🙂



Louboutin “Nude Collection”….


I wish such concepts will finally be the norm across the globe. I have a dream though that someday I will walk into any beauty /fashion shop in Germany and find a wide range of products for brown and dark brown skin tones too. 🙂 Until that day, I guess I just have to keep on paying the shipping costs, import taxes and custom fees for products from abroad. What a nightmare!!!!

So what about you ladies out there? What are your experiences in finding beauty/fashion products in your skin tone? Do you have it ready at your favourite beauty shops or do you have to go through a similar struggle like me to get your products? I would love to know.


I wish you all a great new week. Be good as always until we meet again :-)



from “Deutschland” with luv



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