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Santa (Father Christmas) in Africa…

» Posted by on Dec 15, 2017 in Blog, Culture | 0 comments

Santa (Father Christmas) in Africa…

It´s 10 days to Christmas, and time for Santa to start showing up. Santa Clause has been spotted in Lapland with his little helpers(the elves) working so hard to get all the gifts wrapped up on time and also getting the reindeer and his sleigh all set up for the big night, come 24th December.

For most people in Europe and North America, Christmas means snowy nights, tinsel, carols and stolen kisses under the mistletoe and most especially Santa sliding down chimneys on Christmas Eve to deliver presents.
But what about Christmas in Africa? We all know Santa won´t be needing any reindeer nor a sleigh.

Have you ever wondered how Santa (popularly known as Father Christmas in africa) gets ready for the big day? Well, well he has been spotted in a number of places and forms throughout the mother continent.






In Africa we do it a little differently…Our Santas( Father Christmas) tend to come in all shapes, sizes and forms! I have a few photos of these sightings for you.






So what about you all my lovelies? Would you rather be soaking up some sun, or enjoying a white Christmas? Ho ho ho…. wish you all a lovely countdown wherever you are this christmas season.



from “Deutschland” with luv



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