Where did the summer go???

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Where did the summer go???

so that was really it!????? Summer is over, before it really even started out here Isn´t summer supposed to have endless warm & sunny days. I can count on one hand how many sunny days we had this year

I guess the German summer did not fully wake up from it´s winter sleep this year. Gosh!! I spent so much time checking out the weather report that I almost feel like a weather man now

I still need many more sunny days so i can tank up enough warmth for the dreadful cold days ahead. If nothing else helps, then i guess i just have to go on the chase again…..Sun-chasing in whatever direction, where the sun always shines

I truly hope though, Autumn will be much nicer this year and show us more of it´s golden side 🍁🍁🍂……so far so good.

For now I will just sit back and dream of the sunny days I had during my summer vacation. Can´t believe it was just a few weeks ago…….missing the beach life !!!!!!!!😢😢



So what about you guys? Did you have a great summer time with lots of sunshine? I hope you all did. So now let´s see what the new season brings.

Wish you all a lovely golden autumn. Be good until we meet again 🙂



from “Deutschland” with luv



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